Fine Glass  Art

HicDogg’s My Caged Heart


Hicdogg’s “My Caged Heart”. Gorgeous cage created by Dupolux- Jesse Johnson.


This is a very personal piece full of meaning and and part of a healing process for Hicdogg. The anatomical heart is a recycler. Smoke flows from the superior vena cava to the left, then right ventricle. The cage features heart chakra icongraphy and a base light illuminates the gorgeous heart. Even more incredible in person, this piece always stops our guests dead in their tracks. Featured in the World Series of Glass at Glass Vegas Expo. Stunning!

Photos by Alex Reyna  @areysocal

  • Height of cage: 22.5″
  • Width of cage: 11 1/2″
  • Depth of cage: 12″
  • Joint: 10mm female


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