Fine Glass  Art

Dragon/Koi Functional guitar pipe


Dragon koi functional guitar pipe with illuminated display case

Where do we even begin? Months of work, sweat, and talent went into this incredible creation by Nick Eggert of Glassical Creations. 6 string electric guitar, functional as both pipe and guitar!!! Smoke it while you play! Nick has the entire building process of this masterpiece on his instagram @glassicalcreations. While he was the main creator, he had some very talented help to bring this beauty to life!!! Beautiful koi created by Nathan Belmont, display case watercolor background and guitar dragon drawing by Jason J Eggert, and drawings by Etchin Gretchen brought to life on glass by Deranged Lion. Paduak wood body, Mahogany neck, Bolivian rosewood fretboard, glass and epoxy fret markers. Color changing light display case included. More details and information available. DM us on Instagram for even more details. @smokesignalssmokeshop

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