Fine Glass  Art

Chadd Lacy & Babedrienne Beluga


Chadd Lacy Babedrienne Beluga Boogie Woogie rig

“Beluga Boogie Woogie”  Chadd Lacy and Adrienne “AJ” DiSalvo came together to create this stunning rig. The beluga’s cute head is equipped with a sonograph, which he uses as sonar to find where the party’s at! 🙂 In the belly of this beluga is a skeleton couple who are boogie woogie-ing until the end of time! Adrienne got the idea to incorporate echolocation and music into this piece and we love her creativity, not to mention her carving! Made with Molten Aura Gold Amethyst.

  • Height: 6″
  • Width:  5″ at widest
  • Joint: 10mm female

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