Fine Glass  Art

Casta glass Merritt Badge Scarlet Macaw


Casta Glass/Merritt Badge collab

UV reactive Scarlet Macaw rig

This piece represents the macaw escaping it’s old environment and searching for new skies to soar after humans destroyed it’s home. The artists also added a little spacey creativity and insane UV glow throughout. These parrots depend on having trees for nesting and to forage for food, making them vulnerable to deforestation. 10% of what we paid for this beauty went to the Macaw Recovery Network. The tall palm tree is actually removable to show the 10mm female joint fitting. Rich colors and great function. Photos by Jeff DiMarco @iamjeffdimarco

  • Height:  9.25″
  • Width:   7.5″
  • Depth:  9.5″
  • Joint:  10mm female

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